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Q: When should I bring my child to the dentist for the first time?

A: By the age of 3 most children have all their teeth and are cooperative so scheduling their first visit will be good in order to establish good hygiene routine and start a lifetime relationship with the dentist.

Q: When should I brush my kid’s teeth?

A: Start brushing your kid’s teeth once they have teeth. A small amount of tooth paste (about the size of a pea) should be used. Non fluoridated tooth paste can be used until they learn how to rinse and spit.

Q: Why do I have to take x-rays?

A: A visual examination can only detect surface cavities. The x-ray helps to see under existing restorations and between teeth where to “naked” eye cannot. When we detect problems at an early stage the solution is simple. If we wait until we can see them it can be more complex to treat. Also an X-ray can show problems in the bone that otherwise would not be seen and can go undetected for years. We recommend x-rays on an individual need based on what we see or don’t see from a visual exam.

Q: Should I use a manual or electric tooth brush?

A:This is something you should ask your dental hygienist or dentist as everyone is different. For some a manual is good while for others the extra help of the electric will improve the overall plaque removal. For both manual and electric a proper technique is critical. So don’t be shy and ask us.

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